Although our site administrators check out every profile before approving it, it's a fact that some people may put up fake profiles on the site. Some people are looking for casual relations/friendships/flirtations or there could be people trying to take financial advantage of you.

It's here where we need your help. By reporting misuse on the service you can help to maintain the high quality of the service.

How to spot a 'fake' or 'scammer'?
Fakes, or scammers, as we like to call them, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They're not easy to spot straight away, but here are a few things to look out for:

 •They ask you for money
 • They will tell you they're already married, or just looking for 'fun’
 • Offensive language or inappropriate profile
 • People advertising their own products or services
 • Other things to look out for include:
       ◦ The user is from a country other than where they say they are from
       ◦ Anyone stating they are under 18, the minimum age to use our service
       ◦ Anyone looking for a partner under the age of 18
       ◦ Anyone using someone else's profile without their permission
       ◦ Anyone who is of a different gender that what their profile states
       ◦ Anyone who is clearly lying

How to report a suspicious account?

If you have come across a profile which you feel to be suspicious, please report this account to us so we can investigate the user's actions. We assure you that the user will have no idea about who reported them.

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