Matrimonial Consultation

It is often said that 'marriages are made in Heaven and celebrated on Earth". Successful marriages are those in which couples live peacefully with each other, sharing their love, joys and sorrows and are compatible with each other in many ways.


It must also be remembered that marriage is a personal and social relationship and not a project or assignment that needs to be completed or a problem for which a solution has to be found.


At our Matrimonial Consultant can help you/your partner/your parents to set realistic goals and expectations, create a better awareness of societal trends, and improve understanding and communication between individuals and families uniting in matrimony.


The consultant follows established guidelines to ensure that the union will be a healthy one, where there is mutual joy and support. The guidelines cover, among others, physical health and psychological wellness, sexual and emotional attraction, medical-legal questions etc.


Pre-marriage consultation can cover the entire gamut of your needs:
1. Personal interviews with parents or prospective brides and grooms;
2. Making realistic assessments for matchmaking depending on various criteria: social, financial, or based on astrological compatibilities.
3. Pre-marital one-on-one counselling, if needed.
4. Arrangements for personality development/personal grooming etc.

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