Turnkey Wedding Planners

A wedding is not just the forging of a bond between two individuals in love; it is also a social event where families and friends gather to celebrate and bless the couple.


Planning the event, however, is a lot of hard work. There is the proverbial story of the duck which appears to be lazily floating on water in a beautiful pond. What observers don't see is the way the duck is energetically paddling her feet underwater. In a special event like a wedding, it is the backend planning and execution that will create that wonderful ambience, the experience, the happiness and the memories that last a lifetime.


Working with a turnkey wedding planner could be the best way for young couples to focus on bigger things, involving families and guests. Leave the more than 101 cumbersome details in the hands of professionals who will do all the research, make the hundreds of phone calls, negotiate with different vendors, arrange for entertainment and other fun elements and guide you through the event. All this is done within your wedding budget!


From small, cosy get-togethers to lavish and elaborate galas, the wedding planners at UtsavMatrimony.com can ensure that your event will be elegant and just what you wished for. Every step will be coordinated to perfection and flawlessly executed.


Our Wedding Planners will take care of:
• Setting the budget and wedding theme
• Apparel (gowns, suites, footwear, lingerie etc)
• Flowers (bouquets, centrepieces, chair and the bows, other decorations etc,)
• Stationary (invitations, reply cards, postage, announcements, thank you notes etc,)
• Reception (catering - food and drink, banquet halls, garden gazebos, cakes, servers, crockery, cutlery etc)

• Rituals (religious or otherwise and their venues etc.) 

• Negotiations for best price with all vendors
• Transportation (limousines, minibuses, parking, etc.)
• Gifts and mementoes
• Hotel bookings/accommodation for guests
• Entertainment (lighting, music, dance, DJs, sound and video systems etc, )
• Jewellery
• Photography/videography
• Stag and bachellorette parties
• Rehearsals for main event
• Security details
• Honeymoon (destination planning, travel agents, hotel bookings)
• Other miscellaneous (manicure, pedicure, stylists etc)


Separate planning can also be done for destination weddings in exotic locales.

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