Jyotisha is the ancient Indian system of astrology. The Sanskrit word 'jyoti' means 'light' or 'lamp' meant to dispel the darkness. In its plural form, it is said to mean 'the science of celestial bodies'.

Jyotish has many facets, and some of its basics are have also today become the foundation stones of Western astrology, especially with regard to signs and planets that are symbolically endowed with powers to influence us and our environment.

However, Indian astrology is much more sophisticated because ancient sages referred to the planets or 'grahas' as having some divinity and a consciousness that can exert influence over our destiny and actions in our day to day lives and our deciding various milestones. The picture here shows the common astrological symbols used in the West.

The Sun, Moon, planets, and primary angles in the sky are constantly in motion relative to the earth, the natal chart also changes every nanosecond, creating a new chartfor every moment at each location on the earth.

Indian astrology is said to be part of the 'holistic' style or spiritual practices that Indians have adopted as part of their way of life, much life Ayurveda or yoga. These remain embedded in the Indian psyche partly because of their antiquity and mainly because the way of life and ideas have been transmitted down hundreds of generations.

The Dashas are mathematical analyses that breaks down human or the subject's lifetime into various sub-periods, generally based on the location of the Moon at the precise time of birth.The positions of these heavenly bodies at one’s time and location of birth can be interpreted to explain a person’s current life and his/her life trends and fortunes.

These planetary positions can be drawn out onto a chart which can then be utilized literally as a “life’s blueprint.” This blueprint can help one understand oneself better – and this obviously becomes a tool of great value for those seeking some sort of guidance in their wordily affairs.

Practising astrologers and those who believe in it say this 'birth chart' can also be used to forecast a period in a person’s life. These specific applications is what is said to be drawing the attention of people in the Western world

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