Matrimonial Director


Marriage is a hugely important institution in every country and every culture. Underpinning it is the fundamental principle of long-term commitment and sharing of responsibilities. Marriage has bound generations together through the ages and made human society strong. At its heart, marriage is about two people who love each other and make a formal commitment to each other.



Recently, we had a client in her early 20's, engaged to be married, who stepped into the office. She said she had spent hours going through clothing stores and boutiques looking for the wedding gown that she wanted, several days looking at venues and banquet halls, searching for a good hairstylist and 'I am still not happy with what I found." As the Big Day approached, she was getting into a panic.


Here is where our Matrimonial Director stepped into the picture. An experienced staff took over the young woman's portfolio and within days had arranged for an exquisite gown, found a wonderful banquet hall and a caterer/jeweller/florist/hair-stylist/cakemaker and videographer. All this well within the budget the young woman had kept aside for the wedding.


Planning a wedding involves looking at scores of little details, deadlines, and financial jugglery.. It is the Matrimonial Director's job to handle these chores with a creative flair, leaving you to finalize the guest list and then savour your spectacular day.


At UtsavMatrimony, the Matrimonial Director will be your friendly guide and advisor on all matters - from religious rituals to finalizing the budget - helping you during one of life's most important moments and saving you valuable time and money! It will be a personalized service, tailored according to your needs. Contact us.

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